Friday, March 1, 2013


- Dear Friends and Followers -

I have an upcoming solo show and wanted to invite you all, hope you can come and visit! 
The art here on the flyer is titled Camille and she is painted on wood. 

Muses & Madness

A Solo Art Exhibition by Patrushka

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 16th, 7- 9 PM 

Exhibition Dates: 
March 16th - April 28th, 2013

Sacred Rose Gallery
1728 University Ave. (In between Grant & McGee)
Berkeley, CA

A Tea Garden Girl

This a new piece for my Ladies of the Newbrow series. She is pensive in her tea garden.

Day of the Dead, Mexicali Girl

This Mexicali Girl was created for Mail Me Art.

Jacob's Ghost

This is a new piece I did, based on ghosts. I hope to make a series of these, real life people transposed against their homes or favorite "haunts". This is "Jacob" and he loved music, frequenting the Whisky in Los Angeles for many of their concerts.