Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dexter: Devil or Angel?

Title: Devil or Angel
The Story Behind The Art: Recently, I was laid up with a broken shoulder after falling off the treadmill at the gym (that's what I get for trying to stay in shape!). So I was lying around on pain meds, unable to do much other than watch TV. I decided to give the show Dexter a try and instantly got hooked by the performances of Michael C. Hall, watching all the seasons in a marathon. He plays Dexter, a forensic scientist by day and a "good" serial killer by night - one that only kills other murderers. I got my sketchbook out and had to capture this great character who is lovable bad and vigilante good. Thanks for taking those suckers out of our world, Dex!
Many works are for sale or are available for exhibition. 
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