Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just Desserts

Title:  Just Desserts
The Story Behind The Art:  Where do I start with this guy?
 Randall Terry is an anti-abortionist, the founder of Operation Rescue.
He disowned his own son after he came out as being gay.
He voiced public approval of the murder of  George Tiller, who was shot in the head by an anti-abortion activist. Tiller was a much needed doctor at an abortion clinic, one of the few good souls willing to save women's lives.
I periodically get fed up with religious hypocrites and bigots and the general misogyny that abounds in our world, and art is a great place for me to vent angry feelings. To all those who disagree with this - when Terry can get pregnant, he may have some say in these matters...  Until then,  I hope he and his kind, get their just desserts.

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